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ICCycle is still online after 4 years!

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ICCycle continues to grow - we just celebrated 18 months online!

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Alertpay continues to have issues with their processing of VISA and Mastercard Credit Cards.

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Wayne Taylor:

My name is Wayne Taylor from El Dorado, Ar and I just wanted to say that I have tried just about everything there is to try out there to make money online and now I have found it and I have stopped looking. ICCycle really works. I signed up people the very first day. This System Really Rocks!!! Thanks Guys.

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27.10.2011 - Alertpay Issues and Update!
Alertpay is still having issues with their credit card processing (unless you have AMEX) and that is affecting a lot of people and businesses online. Alertpay has had these issues before and it takes time to find other credit card processors, especially for a Canadian company (I know this first hand). I am sure they will find something, but it may take time. This really has nothing to do with Alertpay, but more to do with some of the members and some of the merchants using them. There is just too much fraud out here on both accounts. I know that I have had credit card disputes with members in the past over $3 and the first thing they do is complain to their CC company or bank without trying to find anything out. Once they realize they were wrong it is too late - I don't get my money and it costs like $25 in dispute charges.

I have tried to get credit card processing a few times with little success. Most don't want to touch online businesses and those who do make sure the fees are steep enough to ensure they do not lose in the end.

Anyway, there are other options on the site for payment other than Alertpay. We also use SolidTrustPay, which accepts credit cards and LibertyReserve. I had to take down Paypal as they froze my account (I knew they would eventually). If SolidTrustPay or LibertyReserve is not good for you, then you can submit a support ticket requesting other options - temporarily during this time, I can probably work with other payment options.

I have also just signed up for a merchant account with PinPay.net. They provide credit card options and I will be putting them up on the site soon as an alternative. I have been approved, but I am waiting to have my limit increased. You can go and check them out at: http://pinpay.net and signup for an account there as another option.

We are closing in on 8000 members, so that is also exciting.
A couple of good team builds have joined us and are really increasing our membership numbers.


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